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Q: How do I install the eNotes plug-in?
A: The eNotes download is available on the My-eNotes.com web page. Open the page, and select the Download Now button. The eNotes browser enhancement will automatically install on your computer. If you have modified your toolbars in Internet Explorer, there is a chance that the eNotes Toolbar will not be displayed.

Q: How do I make the eNotes Toolbar visible?
A: If the My-eNotes Toolbar does not appear with the other toolbars in your Internet Explorer, select the View then Toolbars menu options, and click the My-eNotes option. In some early versions of Internet Explorer 5.0, the My-eNotes option will say Radio. Select the Radio option (try each in turn if there are more than one Radio option).

Q: How do I move the eNotes Toolbar?
A: As with any toolbars in Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can arrange the toolbars to your preferences. Drag the My-eNotes Toolbar to various locations on the screen until you have it positioned the way you prefer.

Q: How do I highlight things on a web page?
A: To highlight in Internet Explorer, place your cursor at the beginning of the item you want to highlight, press and hold down the left mouse button, and drag the mouse to the end of the item you want to highlight. The section will display in reverse video to indicate what has been highlighted.

Q: How do I eNotes text on a web page?
A: After you have highlighted the desired text, right mouse click (while your cursor is still over the text) and select the Take an eNote option to add that eNote to your file. Note: Rather than right clicking and selecting the Take an eNote option, you can highlight and click the Take an eNote button on the My-eNotes Toolbar.

Q: How do I eNotes a graphic on a web page?
A: Right clicking on a graphic will bring up a menu with the Take an eNote option. Selecting this option will place the graphic in your eNotes file. Note: Rather than right clicking and selecting the Take an eNote option, you can click on the graphic and click the Take an eNote button on the My-eNotes Toolbar.

Q: Can I eNotes both text and graphics at the same time?
A: If your highlight contains both text and graphics, right clicking and selecting Take an eNote will place both the text and the graphic in the same eNote. Note: Rather than right clicking and selecting the Take an eNote option, you can highlight and click the Take an eNote button on the My-eNotes Toolbar.

Q: How do I view my eNotes ?
A: Your eNotes are stored in a file on your hard disk. The file contains your eNotes in reverse chronological order (last displayed first). To view and edit your eNotes press the View eNotes button on the My-eNotes Toolbar. The file will be opened in Microsoft Word if you have it on your computer. If you do not have Word, then the file will open in Internet Explorer.

Q: How do I un-install the eNotes toolbar from my browser?
A: To remove the eNotes browser enhancement from your computer, select the Start menu, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, and select web2one eNotes from the list and press the Add/Remove button.

Q: Why did you use Microsoft Word to edit and organize my eNotes?
A: Our plans for the next version of eNotes will include a built in organizer function. We wanted to get this first version to the market place quickly so we could gain experience on how people gather and use small chunks of information and begin to collect feedback and input from users on the functionality they wanted next. Using Microsoft Word allowed us to get the base eNotes functionality to the market place with a zero learning curve for a large number of users.

Q: What do you have a patent pending on?
A: web2one already holds multiple patents on some of our proprietary knowledge management processes and we have applied for a patent on the eNotes process. It is web2one's policy not to divulge the details of a pending patent. With that said however, it is clear that the process of gathering multiple chunks of web content in context and allowing users to organize them in a rational manner represents an obvious innovation.

Q: What are some of the server side implications of eNotes?
A: Currently there is no server side software for measuring or dealing with eNotes. With that said, however, when someone takes an eNote on a piece of content, they are implicitly saying that the specific piece of information has value to them. What if Websites had software that was able to measure the content that was most frequently eNoted. This would help them produce more valuable content for their visitors.

For example, on a self-service site, a company would be able to measure which specific FAQs and trouble-shooting information was eNoted most frequently. They could then move this information to the top of the page, or even use it to improve the design of their product.

Additionally there could be server side software that allowed visitors to provide direct feedback to the site or ask a question on a specific piece of content.

This would enable a more conversational and substantive interaction with visitors and the benefits would be substantial.

Of course, there are issues of privacy that must be addressed with any server side capability, and we believe that only eNote activity be collected without any user profile information unless it is specifically initiated by the user. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

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