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Enhance your web site…It's easy & it's free!
  • Make your site "sticky" and increase return traffic
  • Provide your visitors with a valuable tool
  • Enhance both your web site and Intranet

When you encourage visitors and employees to download the eNotes toolbar from your web site and Intranet, it's a win-win proposition. They get a valuable tool that saves them time and makes them more effective and you get a higher level of interactivity on your site. And, because each eNote includes a link back to your site, both the quality and quantity of your return traffic is increased.

Link your site My-eNotes.com

Simply copy the html code from the box below, and add it to your webpage(s). It's that simple.

CLICK HERE to Select All

This code will create the image below on your webpage(s) (48x125 pixels), and a link that will open a small window with the My-eNotes.com download page displayed in it.

Please contact web2one if you prefer to have the download page appear with your website's graphics instead of My-enotes.com, or need the images with a different color background.

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