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Help your CIO improve productivity…for free!
  • Save employees time & make them more effective
  • Provide significant benefits to your partners
  • Improve the value of your Intranet and Extranet

When companies encourage their employees and partners to download the free eNotes toolbar from their Intranet and Extranet, it's a win-win proposition. Employees and partners get a valuable tool that saves them time and makes them more effective whenever they are on the web, and your CIO immediately increases the value of your company's Intranet and Extranet. Just send your CIO an eMail suggesting that they prominently display the following free icon on the home page of both your Intranet and Extranet so they can immediately get the benefits from eNotes.

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Help your friends…for free!
  • Help them save time
  • Help them become more effective
  • Help them save paper

Just send your friends an eMail containing this URL, www.my-enotes.com and suggest that they download the free eNotes toolbar. They will be eternally grateful for your consideration.

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