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eNotes saves people time and makes them more effective, both in their jobs and in their personal lives. Using Microsoft Word to view and edit eNotes enables people to organize the knowledge they have gathered using software that they are already familiar with. This results in a "zero learning curve" and gives people more convenience and flexibility. Here are some examples of how people are using eNotes to save them time and improve their effectiveness.

Knowledge Workers

Sales people preparing for calls
Sales people can use eNotes to create their own cheat sheets and call plans by gathering key pieces of information from their prospect's sites. They can also quickly paste the important eNotes they have gathered into a call report or into their CRM system.

Prospects doing product research
One of the major uses of eNotes is the gathering of specific product research and creating summaries to help business purchases. Sites that encourage their visitors to take eNotes will increase stickiness and create tighter alignment with their prospects and other visitors.

Product Marketing Professionals doing competitive research
eNotes simplifies the gathering, organizing, and reporting of competitive news and other research that is critical for effective product management.

Employees taking eLearning courses
eNotes is the perfect complement for eLearning. They allow each user to create their personal quick reference sheet that summarized the key things they learned and want to remember.

Employees and partners researching company policies
All companies now use their corporate Intranets to store their policies and procedures for their employees and trading partners. Instead of printing out several pages, employees and partners can just eNote the information n that is applicable to them, saving them time and effort.

Personal Research

Researching a personal health issue
eNotes lets you quickly gather just the important information you are looking for from different health sites so you can more effectively learn about any health issue.

Searching for a job
If you are looking for a job you can gather the key postings from multiple job sites and different companies into one place for more convenient review and follow up.

Looking through the classifieds or auction sites
When you look through the on-line classified ads or browsing through an on-line auction site, you can easily gather the key information and organize it more effectively.

Shopping and comparing products and prices from multiple sites
eNotes is the perfect tool to gather information and pictures on products from multiple sites so you can quickly do a more effective comparison.

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