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Problem: My eNotes plug-in has stopped taking eNotes. What to I do?
Solution: There is an insertion tag in the my-enotes.htm file. If this tag is missing, or broken, the toolbar does not know where to insert the next eNote. Simply delete the file C:\eNotes\my-enotes.htm file. The plug-in will automatically recreate this file and should start taking eNotes again. NOTE: deleting this file will delete all previously saved eNotes. If there are old eNotes you want to save, rename, or copy this file to prevent perminent deletion.

Problem: The eNotes plug-in didn't install.
Solution: If you dont think that eNotes installed, check a few things:

  1. Do you have Internet Explorer 5 or above?
  2. Is your operating system Windows 98, NT, ME, or 2000?
  3. Do you have a directory called c:\enotes on your hard drive.
If you have these, then eNotes is installed, and you just have to make it visible.

Problem: I have confirmed that the eNotes Toolbar did not install, now what do I do now?
Solution: If you are sure the toolbar did not install CLICK this link to download again.

CLICK Here to download the eNote Toolbar This install routine requires the Microsoft Installer. If you have Windows ME or 2000 you already have the Windows Installer. To dowload and Windows Installer for Windows 98 and NT use the links below to download the Installer directly from the Microsoft web site:

Problem: I can't see the eNotes Toolbar. How do I make it visible?
Solution: If the eNotes Toolbar does not appear with the other toolbars in your Internet Explorer, select the View then Toolbars menu options, and click the eNotes option. In some early versions of Internet Explorer 5.0, the eNotes option will say Radio. Select the Radio option (try each in turn if there are more than one Radio option).

Problem: I want to move the eNotes Toolbar around.
Solution: As with any toolbars in Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can arrange the toolbars to your preferences. Drag the eNotes Toolbar to various locations on the screen until you have it positioned the way you prefer. (To drag a toolbar, grab the vertical bar at the beginning of the toolbar).

Problem: I want to clear out my eNotes and start from scratch.
Solution: eNotes saves your eNotes in a file called My-eNotes.htm. Delete c:\enotes\my-enotes.htm to get rid of your current eNotes file. The next time you Take or View eNotes, eNotes will create a new copy of My-eNotes.htm for you.

Problem: I don't have Microsoft Word on my computer.
Solution: Pressing the Edit eNotes button opens your eNotes using Microsoft Word if you have it and Internet Explorer if you don't have Word. The advantage of Word is that it allows you to edit and delete your eNotes. Internet Explorer only allows you to view and copy your eNotes into other applications.

Problem: The format in My-eNotes.htm doesn't look right.
Solution: eNotes saves your eNotes in HTML format in a file called My-eNotes.htm. When you edit eNotes, you open My-eNotes.htm with Word. Adding or deleting information from the file may change the HTML code within the file, or Word may change the HTML when you save the file. If you are having problems with your My-eNotes.htm file, rename it to another file name. The next time you Take or View eNotes, eNotes will create a new copy of My-eNotes.htm for you. (You will find My-eNotes.htm in c:\enotes).

Problem: My eNotes are not in chronological order anymore.
Solution: eNotes are placed in My-eNotes.htm in the reverse order that they are taken in (so you should see the most recent eNote first). The sequence that they are displayed in is effected by the HTML code that is also contained in the file. Earlier versions of Word put additional HTML code in the file that changes the sequence of how eNotes are displayed.

Problem: I right clicked a graphic, and selected Take an eNote. The eNote now contains text in addition to the graphic.
Solution: eNotes is designed to take anything that is highlighted when you click Take an eNote. When you right clicked, and selected Take an eNote, you had some text on the page highlighted (that is what appeared in your eNotes). Click on the page so that the text is no longer highlighted. Then right click the graphic and Take an eNote.

Problem: More information showed up in an eNote than I selected.
Solution: When you take an eNote, you are selecting some information from a page that may also contain either hidden or structural information that is not displayed on screen. There will be cases where the information we capture includes this extraneous information. We have tried in our code to eliminate this, but there will be times that we do not trim all extraneous information.

Problem: I don't have Internet Explorer on my computer.
Solution: If you don't have Internet Explorer, you can install it by clicking this button.

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